24 March 2008

Notes on 'Welcome!'

This was written for a church writing project, and is a departure from my usual style: it doesn't rhyme or scan (except by accident), and is not humorous (actually, there is a serious side to my personality, which I allow out at appropriate times). The poem is about one of the 12 values of our church, which seeks to be, 'a Christian community that ... is welcoming and warm - trusting that new people find a spiritual home that is full of kindness and encouragement.'

The whole of my effort for this project is available on the Faith section of my bloggery.


Not just, ‘Good morning,’
Or, ‘How do you do?’
But, Honoured Guest,
In this, our special place,
There is a special place for you.
Here, there is peace and sanctuary;
A place to be your genuine self
Without prejudice or distinction.
Come, bask in the warmth of love,
Enjoy respect for who you are;
Your unique presence
Completes our company.
When you leave,
Go with our peace,
And plan to return.

If, among us, you find
Meaning and Purpose, then

Share with us in
Joy or sorrow,
Failure or success,
Victory or defeat.
Grow with us;
Become one with us
And find belonging,
And acceptance.

For we are family, related by Blood
And always there is room at the Table
For another.

Copyright © 2008 Desmond Hilary