03 December 2008

Piercing the Darkness

A star appears and shines on high,
Intrigues wise men and draws them nigh
By light gone forth across the sky
And piercing the darkness.

Strange beings in the air appear
With stunning news that thrills the ear,
That sends poor shepherds to revere
The light that shines in darkness.

Who suckles at this mother’s breast,
This cuckoo in another’s nest?
This man-child, God made manifest,
Brings light into the darkness.

High over all and robed in light,
Almighty God perceived our plight,
Removed his garb and, on that night,
Stepped down into the darkness.

With his appearance – long foretold
In puzzles penned by men of old –
Begins the battle to unfold
To rescue us from darkness.

This fragile and audacious plan,
Cast in the confines of a man,
By enigmatic forfeit can
Forever banish darkness.

So pause a while to look, and see
This reckless love for you and me,
This sense-defying mystery,
That saves us from the darkness.

Come, bow in awe before your King,
Who stripped Himself of everything
For us eternal life to bring –
All light and naught of darkness.

Copyright © 2008 Desmond Hilary