26 June 2009

Too Much To Do

Too much to do
And not enough me.
One me is all I have,
One day at a time.
It's all good stuff
But hard to stomach,
Like over-salted food
On an overloaded plate.

I'm swimming in treacle,
Dark and sticky,
That resists all effort
At forward motion.
Or I'm treading water
In a stagnant pond
At midnight - nothing to see,
There's just a bad smell.

There's a beached whale
To heave into the sea.
I don't know what's best:
Push it, or pull?
Dolphins frolic
In that limitless sea.
I watch, and wish
I could play like them...

Yet, each day brings progress.
Put enough days together
And the job is done.
One day at a time.
Each day, a new start.
Each day, the next step.
I'm moving the mountain,
One rock at a time.

Copyright © 2009 Desmond Hilary