21 October 2009


Fallen, and for what?
To save a continent
From the jack-booted heel.
For the lands of their allies
To be hammered and
Reaped by a blood-red Star?

Fallen, and for what?
To defend our liberty,
Our freedom from tyranny.
For their children to treat
Liberty as license, or embrace
Tyranny in the name of tolerance?

Fallen, and for what?
They fought for our lives,
By laying down their own.
They fought not for their world
But that we might build a better one:
What did we build?

Fallen, and for what?
Remember the Fallen and ask,
Are we worthy of their Sacrifice?
Could they but see what we became,
Would they, bemused, ask themselves,
Fallen, and for what?

Copyright © 2009 Desmond Hilary

For Remembrance Day, 11 November 2009