10 February 2010

Ode to Beer

The day's oppressive heat gives way to beer,
A cool, refreshing pint drawn from the cask.
The dew-bejewelled glass of liquid cheer
Shall answer every question Thirst can ask.

The golden brew prepared for action stands.
It waits, so still beneath its snowy cap,
To spend itself in drowning Thirst's demands;
The end for which it gladly left the tap.

He too, who watches on, anticipates
With licking tongue through parted teeth and lips,
Then lifts the full-charged glass aloft and waits
To kiss the vessel's rim with savouring sips.

He pours and draws his succour from the flow.
The tumbling torrent cools his dust-dry throat,
Its flavours bright and lively set aglow
His tongue and flood his mouth with fulsome note.

The liquid's new-found host thus sated sighs
And sets upon the bar the emptied glass,
And wipes his smile, and winks with sparkling eyes
All new-enamoured at the tavern's lass!

Copyright © 2010 Desmond Hilary