20 April 2015

The Road to Emmaus

To walk with a Friend –
Yet not know him.
To hear him speak –
Yet not hear the voice.
To have our hearts ablaze –
Yet not discern the source.
To thrill at truth revealed –
Yet not see The Truth.

Yet, we would delay his journey,
Keep his company longer;
Extend our fellowship with him gladly;
Share the little we have
In return for the much he has given.

Familiar movements lift the bread aloft.
Familiar words give thanks and bless.
Familiar actions break the loaf apart,
Familiar hands with unfamiliar nail-prints
Pass the bread—and all is Light!
And he is gone!

It was Jesus!
He it was who walked with us;
He it was who talked with us;
He it was who set us on fire;
He it was who showed us truth.
He it was who died and lives again!
Come, we must tell the news!

Still it is Jesus who
Walks with us,
Talks with us,
Kindles our hearts,
Fills them with Truth.
Jesus lives!
Come, we must tell the news!

Copyright © 2015 Desmond Hilary