12 July 2008

Notes on 'An Anniversary Poem'

You will note from the copyright date that this was actually written much earlier than most of the stuff on this blog. I thought, nonetheless, that it should be here along with everything else. You may also note that I began my relationship with the iambic pentameter many years ago.

I wrote the poem for my wife on the occasion of our fourth wedding anniversary. Make sure you have a bucket ready before you read the next sentence. Apart from the fact that the idealistic concept of first stanza is impossible - since neither of us will live that long, at least in this life - the rest of it still holds good.

An Anniversary Poem

The love which drew us close and made us one
Shall last as long as earth, drawn by the sun,
Pursues its endless course among the spheres,
Undaunted by the passing of the years.

And as the moon unceasing turns its face
To gaze upon fair earth's effulgent grace,
E'en so my heart is turned to yours alone
And casts its light to bid your darkness gone.

As seasons change, our lives inconstant stream -
Spring's hopes give way to summer's fleeting dream,
The autumn's leaves with vivid colours glow,
And winter has the beauty of the snow.

Though many things in life may bring us pain
The many more shall yield us joy again,
And passing time shall prove these things are true:
God's grace, companion hearts, my love for you.

Copyright © 1994 Desmond Hilary

02 July 2008

Notes on 'On Writer's Block'

Probably all writers have days - maybe weeks, months, years - when the Muse forsakes them. I am no exception. The important thing is to write something, anything! I wrote the poem below as an attempt to express the frustration of it but, unfortunately, was headed off at the pass by the complaint itself. Anyway, despite the malevolent little monkey's best efforts, I think I achieved my goal.

On Writer's Block

Writer's Block
Is like a clock
That's stopped and winder's lost.


Writer's Block
Is like a sock
With holes at toe and heel.

Oh, stuff it...

Copyright © 2008 Desmond Hilary